The Guernsey is a unisex, functional, seafaring garment with a square body and funnel neckline which is identical on both sides so it can be worn either way around. It is made from 100% British 5-ply Worsted wool which is tightly twisted to maintain its shape meaning it will provide warmth and effectively protect against wind, rain and sea water for many years.
The top sleeve ribbing, raised shoulder seam and a garter stitch panel represent a ship’s rope ladder, rope and waves on a shore, the split hem on the hip line allows for ease of movement on board .

Folklore indicates that fisherman utilized the symmetrical design to full effect, after a hard day at sea  they would seek out a drink in a bar, more often than not, the front of the jumper was filthy dirty so they would simply spin the jumper around before entering the bar and ordering.

The Guernsey is supplied with care and pride with a Hand Finishing Declaration tag, personally signed by one of our highly skilled knitters outlining its colour, knitter, stitch details and is given the vote of approval to leave the island to new pastures and distant shores.